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Halo Infinite's co-op beta is making a positive impression

John Spartan from Halo Infinite

Digital Foundry's Alex Battaglia reports that Halo Infinite's campaign co-op beta is a lot of fun:

Ultimately though, I had a blast going back to the game. Despite the limitations of co-op play within an open world, the experience is excellent overall - and it's definitely the way I want to complete my campaign playthrough of Halo Infinite. I've previously completed every Halo campaign in co-op, which made its omission at launch with Halo Infinite so disappointing - but even if you have already completed it, the addition of campaign co-op is definitely a game-changer and I look forward to the upgrade's official release.

Alex is completely right⁠— a Halo game launching without co-op felt very… off. It's great to see that the classic co-op experience is being largely preserved in Infinite, but I have to wonder how fulfilling it will ultimately be given that the campaign had a lot less variety than that of its predecessors.

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