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Diablo II: Disconnected

Diablo II: Resurrected Assassin

Re-experiencing the magic of Diablo II via Diablo II: Resurrected has been such fun, but the instability of the game's online features since launch is bordering on outrageous.

We're quickly approaching three weeks since the game was released and, as of writing this, the game's servers have been down for four days running, sometimes for as long as ten hours. They're down right now, in fact.

These interminable server problems follow a seriously sketchy launch, which saw most players unable to connect, while those who could experienced progression roll-backs punctuated with bouts of characters disappearing from the character-select screen among myriad other issues.

The game has also experienced significant down-time each weekend since release.

The care and artistry with which the game has been remade is unquestionable, but the technical implementation of its online play is leaving a lot to be desired. And, boy, are people mad about it.

Perhaps most frustrating of all is Blizzard's complete silence on the issue. In fact, there hasn't been an official post about the game since two days before it launched.

Meanwhile, Blizzard's customer support channels are being left to deal with an irate fanbase who are understandably confused — and beginning to fill the void of silence with accusations of incompetence or, at worst, complete disregard for the experience of their customers. I think a simple explanation would go a long way, but there are surely many people who will drop the game and never return after feeling abandoned by Blizzard post-purchase.

I can't help but be reminded of David Brevik's Diablo Postmortem back at GDC 2016. In it, Brevik reveals that the legendary Classic service was powered by a single computer. Of course, that's because back then was a sort of match-maker for peer-to-peer games, and not the presumably colossal server infrastructure our Blizzard games connect to today. But hey, maybe they were onto something with keeping it simple...

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