Ben plays games

👋 Hi, I'm Ben. I am a communications manager working within the Civil Service in England.

In my spare time I enjoy playing a wide variety of video games. It doesn't matter whether it's the latest blockbuster, an indie gem found in the depths of, or a revered title of yesteryear. If it's a video game, there's a good chance I want to play it!

Sometimes I get inspired to write about the games I play. When that happens, it'll usually wind up here. Some other topics may occasionally find their way here, too.

My blog is styled using a modified version of Simple.css with thanks to Kev Quirk.

This whole thing is hosted on Bear, a wonderful platform built by Herman.

My domain is managed by Namecheap, who I recommend for having great support.

If you'd like to chat about anything posted here, or about games in general, you're welcome to send me a friend request on Steam (profile linked above).